Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Calendar for July

I love this picture. LOVE IT. It's better than a flower, in my opinion. Flowers are so damn obvious. It's from Dottycookie, who is officially one of the nicest bloggers in the world. She's like a little holiday every time you go there.

I think the picture has something to do with science, but that's not really my forte. Pretty, though, isn't it?!

This month - in a couple of days in fact - it's my two year blogiversary, so I shall be giving some stuff away. It's not very exciting stuff, but I have very little imagination and I don't make anything really so you'll just have to attempt to look impressed. I've spent far too long trying to work out how to put fireworks or confetti or music on the blog for a day or three, but I can't work it out, so it'll just be me and my small mish-mash of giveaway items, looking like a car boot sale in the rain.

Please come, otherwise I'll look really pitiful.

Also I have something Very Exciting planned for July. Are you excited? I'm excited! Really, it's exciting!


  1. Good grief, was that a year ago already?

    Resounding congratulations on your blogiversary - hope for many more?

    You are far too kind with your lovely post. Especially since most of the time it feels rather more like a train wreck than a holiday round here!

  2. "I think the picture has something to do with science, but that's not really my forte." Thanks for starting my day with a guffaw. And sign me up for prizes. I live for prizes.

    Happy happy b-versary...

  3. Happy blogoversary! I am very excited at the prospect of exciting news!

  4. happy bolgversary, that's a pretty exciting start to July if you ask me.

  5. The label to your post has me in stitches!

    Congrats on your blogoversary!

  6. Wishing I had something very exciting planned for July. Like a holiday, which I haven't planned and therefore we are unlikely to be taking if I don't do something about it.

    But visiting your blog is so much more appealing.

  7. oooooooo, so glad I found you since you have something exciting planned for July! I'll tune in again! And congratulations on your blogiversary!

  8. I'm very excited. Also very curious. What is that thing? It is pretty, though. Okay, and I am also excited about the prizes. You do know you'll have to go to the post office with them, right? (At least I think.) That's a pretty daunting task right there. I am impressed. And excited.

  9. I agree about DC. I shall be tuning in for your blogiversary/ Carboots in the rain can still hold top treasure. Something exciting in July? Intriguing...

  10. Congratulations Mrs Coffee Lady.

    And I look forward to whatever it is you are planning for the month...


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