Thursday, 28 May 2009

You know the last post about the catalogue for batty old ladies?

Well that just came back to bite me in the backside.

I have just booked the last and only ticket to see comedian Michael McIntyre live. And this is fine, because we couldn't get a babysitter, so I was going to have to ask a friend to go and that's a bit awkward at £25 a pop, and it was the LAST TICKET so phew! you know, and he makes me laugh and laugh and laugh so I am very happy to be going at all.

Still I am now preparing for an evening sitting alone in a row full of strangers, giggling to myself and snorting a bit, like Miss Haversham on a night out.

Maybe I should wear my wedding dress. Yes, that's what I'll do. And I'll carry that wire cage with fake birds in it to complete the look.

I do hope it can be delivered in time.


  1. I'm thinking you should wear the 329 pound dress.

    And snort away.

  2. I'm with Mary - that dress AND the birdcage in your hair! No matter what you wear, have a great time and snort to your heart's content! :) Silke

  3. OOoh, I think he's very funny indeed. I am a tiny bit jealous if truth be told. And I think you need to come down here pronto so we can go and see Lloyd Cole and Michael McIntyre and leave the respective husbands minding the children!

  4. This is very scary. My word verification is "bride." I swear. Truly it validates your plan. One little thing, though: how come you can still fit into your wedding dress? It's all this running business, isn't it. You are alienating me big-time.

  5. (The next word verif is "ineating." As in, "Lynn, it is IN EATING that you have caused yourself to be unable to fit into your wedding dress after 16 years." Thanks, hateful comment box.

  6. Off by myself for the weekend and do so recognize that Havershamish feeling!

  7. Omnibusologist29 May 2009 at 12:39

    If you're doing a bit of snorting, shouldn't it be a line - rather than a row of strangers?

  8. I'm thinking two birdcages as earrings. With the wedding dress. OOOH! And Crocs! And make sure you go to the gig by bus so you can sit next to people and freak them out. (This is my plan for how I am going to spend my days when I retire, by the way)


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