Thursday, 19 February 2009

Here I am, blinking in the light

I've finished The Big Book. And like Mr Coffee, who read it before me, I am a bit lost and alone now that it is over.
Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell
I've reviewed it here - I've been getting to grips with Goodreads, which seems a brilliant place to keep my list of books read. The only problem with it is that one blogger - who shall remain nameless, of course, because I am a polite and discreet kind of a person - one particular blogger, who likes pastries and beer and walking small dogs, reads like some kind of book-cataloguing machine. Every day brings more updates from her books-read list - in fact one day I popped out to fetch the milk from the doorstep and when I got back she had read 141 more books.

So if any of you are on Goodreads please look me up. Unless you read too much it will make me feel inadequate, that is.


  1. I am glad you enjoyed it! I still have this on my reading list - we lent it to a friend. Must retrieve it ...

  2. Your having a reading list makes me feel inadequate. I Must Do Better. (hides copy of Hello!). Thanks for the crossed fingers too.

  3. I've 'friended' you. That should make you feel better - my reading rate is hopeless. And the to-be-read pile too huge to list.

  4. I'm mesmerised by the quotes on there. It could take hours to actually log on at this rate.

  5. FYI: I read 141 MORE books while you were writing this post.

    That's what happens when you're fooling around in blog world, darling.

    When are we going to choose a book to read together--the whole lot of us? That might be fun.

  6. I read your review, it made me want to read the book, although at the moment I'm pleased if I read a whole copy of Country Living..........
    love the idea of a book we all read, like a blog book club xx

  7. I joined Shelfari just last night, but the Good Reads shelf looks much prettier - off to join now & will look you up.

  8. woo! I've 'friended' you on Goodreads. I like Eurolush's idea of reading a book together. :)


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