Friday, 6 February 2009

Have you seen this cat?

Mainly this week I've been having more fun than I thought was possible whilst working, and being involved in a really fun storytelling project featuring a series of 'lost cat ' posters around one of our historic buildings, which is currently being renovated. Visit beanphoto for more details.

You can read the stories by visiting the blogs of Charlie and Fern, and get involved online in their search for ZigZag, the lost cat.

And you can also read more of the writer David Gaffney's stories on his website here.


  1. The cat with the tongue = priceless. Oh, lordy.

    You actually get paid for horsing around this way? I'm packing my bags and heading right over.

    (Why is my word verif "cones"??)

  2. Charlie and Fern's blogs are most excellent. Love the idea behind all of this.

    How are you involved with this project? Do tell! (Or I will be forced to post more enthusiastic, heart-warming photos of myself leaping through through the German countryside.)


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