Monday, 2 February 2009

Hard work for the birds

I saw a robin today. (Above, with camera shake.) The second one this winter; and the second time it has snowed.

I don't think it's a coincidence. I think it says a lot about the work ethic of a robin.

There's the robin sitting in his little hut, having his bacon sandwich, when he sees the first snowflakes.

"B*gger me, it's snowing," he says to himself. "I'm a robin. I'd better get out there."

So the robin climbs out of his overalls, puts on his red breast, goes out in the snow and works it. He knows the best branches, he pouts for the camera, he gives it all he's got.

And then when it's over he goes back into his hut, stamps the slush off his workboots, brews himself a cup of builder's tea and sits down and reads the paper.

I'm telling you. I know all about robins.


  1. Robins uttering swear words? Dang. I knew grackles and bluejays had foul mouths, but I really didn't see this coming. You just never know. Also, I'm reeling from the revelation that those red breasts are detachable...

  2. Couldn't pass this by without comment. It's hilarious.

  3. You seem to have a very low class of robin in your neck of the woods. Ours all speak beautifully and pose artfully whatever the weather. Bacon sandwiches indeed. Did he make one for you? No? See what I mean? I think you need to have words with your robin.

  4. He is looking at you with a baleful eye because he knows that you are not going to leave a gratuity.

  5. Those christmas card makers know the phenomenon well.

  6. Our robins eat Bratwursts and wear Lederhosen.

    They mutter things like, "Ach, mein lieber Gott. Schnee."

    By the way, I thought your robin photo was very artsy.

  7. I knew all that artful posing was a con, no-one could be that cute and not have a hidden side to their character. at least it was tea he was drinking, and not a bottle in a brown bag..........


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