Sunday, 4 November 2007

Dumbing down? It's only going to end in tears

Well I've learned my lesson now.

All this quality literature was hurting my head, I was too tired and too ill. So on a brief and rare trip down the road with the Littlest Latte to feed the ducks (amazing just how big a deal this has become to someone who was forever taking her kids out) I picked up some chick-lit from the box of 20p books outside the local florist - Anyone Out There by Marian Keyes.

It will Cheer Me Up, I thought. People like this. They read it to escape and boy, could I do with that.

If you want to read it and haven't then stop here now. I am going to ruin it for you. Because the bloke dies! He bleeding well dies! As if I'm not miserable enough already watching my life go past from my sickbed and the first bit of chicklit I ever buy in my entire life concerns a woman being widowed, for crying out loud! I thought the stuff was supposed to be people falling in love in exotic locations and drinking cocktails in nice dresses. This was not what it said on the tin.

So it's back to the good stuff for me. However much it hurts.

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  1. i too made the same error
    ti realy is crap
    cliched whastsit -and i am no literary buff.


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