Thursday, 18 October 2007

A drive in the dark and a shooting

Yes that does sound exciting doesn't it. Oh yes. I drove in the dark, dark night, straight past my motorway exit, with a plaintive 'noooooo' as I watched it go past, and was subsequently far more than fashionably late to the reading groups evening where i was putting on a bit of a display.

Expecting them to be mingling and drinking warm white wine and eating bits of crisps, I came in late to find them hushed and seated as Zoe Sharp (and yes, she was wearing the very coat she is wearing on her home page - in the flesh!) read out a bit of her book where someone gets shot.

Librarians looked at me. Honestly I know that in their heart of hearts they wanted to say "SHHHHH" but there has probably been some kind of directive against that now that libraries are so uber-modern.

In terms of reading I need to come back to A L Kennedy's Day, which I haven't mentioned yet but which is stunning. The character of Alfred Day is difficult and the book is sometimes not an easy read, but for all the right reasons - the writing is brilliant, faultless, fierce and funny and beautiful. Alfred Day has fought in the war and lost everything that he had gained - his crew, his girl, his purpose. Following him through his war, his attempts to understand it as he joins the false but still bizarrely fraught set of a POW film, is riveting.

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