Saturday 16 April 2016

Five things that are not on a Friday

It really doesn't matter whether you understand the title. I do. And it's my blog, and I can do what I damn well please.

Oh, OKAY.  It's from Tess's post, which made me laugh out loud this morning and remind me all about the tiny things and made me want to do my own. It's not Friday anymore. But it's my blog, and I can do etc etc etc.

  1. I bought Alys Fowler's The Thrifty Garden from the charity shop for 50p, which was super-thrifty.
  2. I harvested, parcooked and froze Red Russian Kale that I planted from seed in the garden last year, and if that doesn't make me super-flipping-human I don't know what does. The results are a golf-ball sized blob of frozen kale. I am like Barbara Good over here. (Including the drinking).

    1. I started listening to The Archers. Eldest watches Emmerdale. Nothing is right about any of this.
    2. I made four dresses. I can't photograph them. I've tried, really hard, but the pictures never seem right and I refuse to accept that this is because they represent what I actually look like. Nope. Not at all.
    3. All kind of crap is happening right now. All kinds of potentially life-changing horrible crap. So I came back to the perky space, to the space where I can use kale and dresses and Barbara Good and not have to apologise for that.
    Five things. It was a stretch.


    1. Gosh but I'm sorry about the life-changing crap stuff.

    2. Five on Friday eh? It was a stretch, but I concur that you made it. Well done. Now, hang around for a bit, we like to see you here.

      And, sorry about the crap; it surely will get better.

    3. Sorry about the life changing crap and can only hope things get better for you. Good to see you here with the same sense of humour that always manages to make me smile x

    4. Life changing crap sucks BIG TIME. I'm there too so if it can help in any way, you're not alone!

    5. Happy that you are back...wish it was for happier reasons... Hugs X X x

    6. I hope the horrible things didn't materialise?


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