Monday, 25 March 2013

Nothing to see here but air

Air hockey
Do you ever have those weeks when people ask how you are, and what's happening with you, and you answer with exactly the same thing you said two weeks ago, and you can't even remember what you've been doing?

It's been that kind of a fortnight.

Notable events from the last two weeks have included: playing air hockey for all of ten minutes, buying a new lunchbox, and washing the cushion covers. Eldest went ice-skating, but we didn't.

It snowed but didn't settle. We finally got the central heating mended. We have a brand new ceramic hob propped up in a box in a corner of the living room. Because ringing the tradesman is just another job that continually didn't get done.

Until 3.15pm today, I had nothing to offer but 'peh'. I picked Littlest up from school and, as usual, asked what had been the most special part of the day. (Usually the question is ignored, and I have to deflect a string of demands to buy things from shops and then endure a diva strop.)

But not today. Today, her friend had taught her to 'listen to the wind'.

Here's what you do. You run into the wind with your eyes closed, and you listen. To her friend, it sounds like 'wishywishywishy', but to Littlest, it's more 'phew, phew'. We don't know what it means. We don't speak wind language.

But the clouds, apparently, do.

(If you haven't already done so, do visit The Compound Word Project, if only to look at the pretty pictures and then wail and weep about how your brain doesn't even WORK.)


  1. 'Listen to the wind', hey? Wow, she sounds a cool friend. I might try that tomorrow! x

  2. I often leave the telephoning job for a ridiculously long time too. And it's no good expecting Mister Fixit to pick up the slack, he has to be forced into using the telephone, even for ordering the takeaway dinner. (If I'm having a night off cooking, I sometimes demand that I get to dip out of the entire dinner process, as in deciding what we'll eat instead, ordering it and picking it up.)

  3. Wishywishywishy is what the trees used to say in Enid Blyton.

    1. It was the threes in the Enchanted Wood- this always sounded a bit scary to me as a child.

    2. Excuse me - it was 'wisha-washa-wisha-washa" if I remember rightly. Oh ok then, it was about 50 years ago that I read it.........

  4. I have been trying to avoid listening to the blasted win d recently. I might try it later on in the year though...

    I don't like using the telephone at all.

    And, I have no idea what air hockey might be...

  5. the wind here is howling with glee. it is telling me all about how it is going to bring me another blizzard. even Mr Postman told me today that our street is the coldest in the whole town......

    what have we done for the last two weeks? got through a lot of calpol.........

  6. Listening to the wind would have a different meaning in my house with boys!

  7. We too bought a lunch box in the last week or so. Again.
    At our house the wind sounds like singing. When I heard it I assumed I had a daughter upstairs singing until the day it was windy on a school day with no-one but me in the house. At least I assume it's the wind, not a noisy ghost...

  8. She does sound like an interesting friend. My daughter's friends just talk endlessly about One Direction and make up.

  9. Another beatiful bead on the memory string, as my dad would say..

  10. Well the compound photo word games baffles me completely... I just can't get it...

    And tell your little one that as soon as I'm dressed I'm going to go outside and listen to the wind!

  11. thank you for peh
    it has been used in my own blog today
    i feel it will be useful on many more occasions
    enjoying your blog


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