Monday, 29 November 2010

Zac Efron is our science teacher

Littlest wanted to know why her screaming was giving us a headache. Through his pounding skull, Mr Coffee tried to explain about sound waves.

It was Eldest who picked up the Kiddie Science baton.  All you need is some rice, some speakers, and a High School Musical CD. (Okay, you can choose your own CD. You're grown-ups.)

Other optional items include a disembodied Barbie leg with which to spread the rice around, and some Ibuprofen.

Here comes the science bit...

HSM rice from Coffee Lady on Vimeo.


  1. I may choose a different soundtrack, but that's one for our science club. Oh, hang on the other co-organiser told me my idea for a CSI style session was "naff" so I may be bowing out gracefully.

  2. I showed this to Mr Fixit he said oh yes low medium and high waves? and I said what, all I see is rice jumping around, and he said it would be good to have a song with a bit more low and high range AND a speaker with woofers and tweeters in different positions so you could see how different sounds make different areas of rice jump and I said oh look a shiny thing!

  3. We tried to explain it by opening and shutting doors. (Gabriella LOUD versus Gabriella muffled.) But this is tons better. (Not sure if I want to cause dust storm by dislodging speaker though..)

  4. Seeing this makes me want to go out for Chinese.

  5. I want to be a rice grain with nothing to do but bounce on a speaker.

    Did you see Justin Bieber last night? Good grief it made me feel old.

  6. first mrs speechless frightens me with loud videos and now this, I am turning my sound off x

  7. Jannette - the phrase 'Gabriella muffled' makes me think of someone suffocating her.

    It's okay to think about a fictional character being murdered, isn't it? Isn't it?

  8. I just can't get past that guy's hairdo. And structured eyebrows.

  9. ah Zac.

    No 2 thinks he's pretty much the coolest dude on earth.

    He doesn't care about sounds wave... just 'coolness'. Sigh.

  10. Well, Gabriella's songs at least get battered and strangled and get unspeakable things to them in this house - and that's by people who LOVE them.

    Anyway, no need to worry about her anymore in our house - husband dropped DVD player this morning while tidying up (read move the teetering piles of books/DVDs/children's drawings) the windowsill. Don't have a clue why that had to be done at 7 am, but windowsill looks wonderfully empty, and dust has almost settled.

  11. Corn starch mixed with water is a great test of non-Newtonian physics.

    Wrap the speaker thoroughly with plastic wrap, mix the starch with water and put it on the subwoofer and turn up the base. It's hilarious.

  12. If I even knew what a sub-woofer was, that would be great information. I feel I'm letting you down here...


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