Sunday, 21 November 2010

So this is Christmas

Really. Apparently it is. When we went to spend Eldest's birthday clothes voucher last week, we found that ten million people had rushed to the shops to buy 100 bags each of vital items. The rush is on.

And if you're as stupid as me, and you have let your children grow out of their school blouses, don't even think of bobbing out to get any. You will find yourself in a shop almost entirely stocked with bizarre gifts (really, if any single one of you is thinking of buying this I suggest you don't come back to my blog ever again because we have nothing to say to each other).  The school uniform section will consist of three pairs of trousers for boys, aged 13-14.

Who's The Mummy is running a blog carnival for Oxfam, asking bloggers how to Simplify Your Christmas. To be honest, I find it easy not to panic too much about Christmas. I can read this post again, and remember that just being awake on the day makes it pretty much perfect. A tree, lots of candles, and a variety of different glitter all over the floor is more or less all I want from Christmas. Oh, and sherry.

If you do want to give the Cheryl Cole gift set a miss, as a mother of two girls I recommend as an alternative the Oxfam Unwrapped Give Girls a Headstart gift, aimed at increasing the chances for girls to become educated in communities where girls are often kept at home to help with childcare or household chores.

Oxfam Unwrapped


  1. Fortunately for both of us, I don't even know who Cheryl Cole is.

  2. My husband has just suggested our daughter ask her grandmother for something like the Headstart for Girls gift. She can't decide what she wants and really has no conception of how lucky she is to be in that position.

    My way of simplifying Christmas is to do all my shopping online and to stay out of the shops until January. I keep the food simple too - just one special meal not several and no parties.

  3. What blackbird said. Although if Little Lad sees CC, he might choose to obsess over her the way he does over the Disney princesses.

    I have procured the two things (apiece) that the boys want most of all, and am now gathering little odds and ends for their stockings. Bliss. Ease. Now I just need to add sherry to my shopping list...

  4. Sherry Cheryl Sherry Cheryl.

    I just invented a tongue twister. Say this four times over then shout out which one you like. Bet you get it wrong.

  5. ooooo my Brother would LOVE that Cheryl Cole gift lmao!
    I agree Christmas is about you and your family, about appreciating the lives we have as opposed to wanting all that 'stuff' which is thrust at us at this time of year.
    I am not doing anything more for charity this year as it has taken up my whole year the events have been and gone, the donations sent, shoeboxes packed, and hamper for soup kitchen sorted so now these last few weeks are about my boys and them growing and smiling and loving. I like Sue have suggested that my boys give up their Christmas gifts so Father Christmas has a little more time for others and we send gifts to Children who don't get anything. They agreed(Mothering done right lol). Of course they will get 'stuff' but I am just pleased they are learning that Christmas is more than just Gifts under the tree and copious amounts of chocolate!

    p.s I am relying on M&S to supply me with a good dinner this year as I cannot be bothered if truth be told!

  6. Oh dear. I have taken to writing nonsense instead of comments, but then I'm rather tired.

  7. I very nearly choked on Friday when Ms Cole was described as "the nation's sweetheart". Speak for yourself, Children in Need!

  8. I love Christmas ..and love it even more when it is the kind of day you described.

    Although in our heat I would substitute champagne for sherry...

  9. No nations sweetheard for me, just food, family and sherry!

  10. a healthy family Christmas with no travel traumas and no getting stuck in a blizzard is absolutely the top of my Christmas wish list. xxx

  11. That is a fantastic idea, will be suggesting to my boys.

    I hate that xmas is all about getting presents, it means so much more to me than that, Like yourself, the tree, candlelight, watching Scrooge, and the Snowman, and just being a family, is enough for me!

  12. They were selling books at eldest's school this afternoon, where eldest's top non-friend was swooning over what I thought sounded like Justin Beaver, but it turned out to be this: Which is even more unappetizing.
    It being a non-friend's favourite has saved me so far, it seems. ('She's just showing off, mummy. She can't *really* marry him, you know.'

  13. I'm a sucker for Christmas and other things corny but since I've two left hands, I don't stress myself with trying to grow my own Xmas tree etc. keeping it simple is where it's at. And Bailey's irish Cream. Although since I'm neither preggers or breastfeeding this Xmas maybe it's time to crack open something stronger!

  14. Goodlord! The "incredible story of Cheryl Cole" ..? I thought the book signing at Borders by "the icon who is Katie Price" was enough excitement for one year!!!

  15. Rubyslippers yes you have to watched something based on Scrooge. It's The Law.

    Jannette I am at a complete loss with regard to Justin Bieber. And I'm very, very glad about that.

    Babesabouttown - wow. It's been a long time since I had some Baileys, but you've made me want some now and it's not even noon.


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