Sunday 18 July 2010

My weekend - from the sublime to the ridiculous

1 - The Sublime.

We went to the Super Duper Fair in Blackpool, mainly to have a peer at Jax and her letterpress. Mr Coffee had found her blog when he was buying a letterpress recently; she was very helpful, and since then we have been watching new things appear in her Folksy shop with growing covetousness. It was great to meet her, and we came home with lovely new things to dot around the Coffee House. This was her stall:

(I also loved the Memo stall, but was too alarmed to buy anything. This picture, next to this? This ship-in-a-bottle thing is getting a bit freaky now.)

2 - The Ridiculous

I was reading at the kitchen table when Littlest dropped a note onto the pages of my book. It was in Eldest's handwriting, which can take a bit of effort to decipher. This time it seemed to make no sense at all.

Gradually I realised that Littlest was emitting little whining and struggling sounds. I looked up: she had her dress on backwards, and one of her arms was trapped inside the fabric. I glanced back at the note, which now quite clearly read "Littlest has her dress on backwards. Love Eldest."

Then I was chosen as British Mummy Blogger of the Week because of my crafting. My crafting! Mr Coffee nearly spat out his tea. Which only goes to show that you can give people totally the wrong impression of you by blogging. Next week, I'm going to pretend to be a rocket scientist, and see how many people I fool.

In other news, I have added a new commenting system below, because I got frustrated with comments I couldn't respond to when Blogger gave me no return email address. I have no idea how these new comments work, though, so they may not last long. Please let me know if you hate them.