Monday, 11 January 2010

Wearing it well

It seems that telling the world that you look like a duvet is one way to popularity. Domesticali responded to my last post with one of her own, and a rather braver-than-me photographic display.

I've been thinking a bit recently (big birthday last month, remember?) about how I look as I age, and how the super-stylish person I always hoped to be has largely failed to materialise in the 40 years I have been waiting around for her.

Last November I took part - briefly - in the Working Closet flickr pool, which is explained far better here than I could by the fragrant (well, I've never actually smelled her, but she gives that impression) Susan at Friday Playdate. Basically, it's a group of women who post a picture of what they're wearing every day in order to give other people ideas.

My main problem with it, as a mainly US project, was that I hadn't heard of any of the shops. I didn't know the difference between Target and J Crew, though clearly they did. I pottered in, in my White Stuff jumper and my Monsoon skirt, and no-one knew what I was talking about either.

But taking a photo a day was really interesting, because it made me think about what I was putting on. I made more of an effort, and tried not to wear the same thing two days in a row for fear of boring the Americans to tears.

Even taking a daily photo just for myself so far this month has had a similar effect. I'm a woman on a budget; the majority of my clothes are either from charity shops or are ones I've had for years. Some of these things I have altered: a shortened maxi skirt, something ponced up with a bit of ric rac braid. I'm not - all modesty aside - incredibly visually creative or skilled at sewing. (I'm more likely to take alterations to the menders). What I am is skint, slightly overweight, and a bit bored of letting these two things stop me looking my best.

I've been doing it for myself so far, but I have also created a private group on flickr of my daily photos. So far it's just me and Domesticali - but if you want to join in - even just with the occasional 'What do you REALLY think about this?' picture, email me (email address on my profile). So many of us are wearing quite exciting things that we have pulled out of the wardrobe so many times we have become jaded - showing them to an appreciative new eye can only be a boost.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I do have to change out of these pyjamas.


  1. I need a good old kick up the behind to make at least a little of myself and need some independant people to comment, so i have mailed

  2. I'd love to join in buuuuut - I think the only sensible thing anyone would/could say to me is "Yes, you do look fat in that. Stop eating so many cakes and then maybe you'd stand a chance of finding something that fits and doesn't look like a potato sack."
    Plus I really, seriously don't have anything other than jeans, T shirts and jumpers. Monsoon skirts and White stuff tops? You sound like a fashion goddess to me already!

    Oooh, self loathing, anyone?c

  3. To be honest, I'd be afraid of you ladies noticing how many days in a row I was wearing the same trousers. Maybe that's a boy thing... And frankly, you don't want to be taking fashion advice from me, gender aside.

  4. Methinks dottiecookie hasn't seen out photos yet!!

    Go on Val - I have worn the same trousers for 5 days out of 6 (albeit in 2 different colours). And my arse is humungeous.

    Are you listening people?

  5. Yeah, well I thought I had the thing licked, new year, OCD wardrobe after days of snowbound domestic sorting. Rocked into work this morning in de-bobbled cashmere jumper, matching scarf, navy fingernails (oh yes, 43 and NOT afraid of change...) and my sole concession to the weather HUGE snowboots. Had a meeting after which they asked me 'nails? are you an emo? and those boots look like Tweenies feet.'

    I'm the effing boss as well. Won't be posting pics but will visit yours with interest...


  6. Am feeling in the same rut...Had a baby recently and whilst on leave I'm existing in two pairs of jeans which are identical and - since the snow - am currently living in jogging bottoms. How much worse can it get? I'll be emailing

  7. Quite tempted. But quite cowardly too. I might do a practice run.

  8. First, let me point out that Ich liebe Dottycookie. She had me laughing like Jabba the Hut...only in a slightly more feminine fashion than that.(I did tweeze the upper lip today.)

    I would join your Flikr group...Funny, I didn't even KNOW YOU WERE ON FLIKR...But you know what would happen, don't you? I'd start buying lots of cute clothes to photograph myself in...rack up a huge bill at the beauty shop--what with all the hair teasing, waxing, and fake tanning I'd be doing. Then we'd go broke...the kids would have to get jobs doing some sort of manual labor...the dog would run away, my husband would leave me for a wealthy Sugar Momma, etc.

    And for what? For me to WIN at Flikr photo group? No. That's just not right. I'm already a winner.

    So, I'm just gonna sit here in my fleece pants with the elastic waistband and my beer and cheer you on.

    PS-Ali's post was great.

    PPS-Can you believe I turned down the chance to take daily photographs of myself???? I KNOW!!!

  9. I am so emailing you. Right now.

  10. Okay, I'm in. The only mirror in the house is in N's room, and she's gone now anyway. Just in anticipation I am really well put together today -- in my LLBean turtleneck and sweater, my Lands End corduroy pants, black rainboots and a scarf from Turkey. Ha!

  11. er, no thanx - I pull on me jeans & a top & look a total scruff compared to my friends who look glam even while dog walking - well they have small dogs not two bleedin' great hairy slobbery Golden Retrievers !

    Love White Stuff though - but only in their Sales !

  12. I may join your group. < procrastinates >

    The only thing is that folk will then notice my scarf obsession. It's not a bad obsession because it allows me to disguise the fact that I'm wearing the same pair of black trousers and the same long sleeved t-shirt. You eyes are drawn to the beautiful scarves that have been 'borrowed' from my 16 year old daughter. They are aren't they? You haven't noticed that bit of glue on my trousers and that toothpaste mark on my top. Please tell me it's true.

  13. I hadn't even seen this post when I went hinting around to you about joining (gulp) the self-photo club. Now I'm feeling ever so slightly braver, so bring it on. I think.

  14. as promised I am reading...

  15. yep, me too. need kick up the whatsit. heh! emailing now, a bit late maybe but here I come.


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