Sunday, 30 August 2009

It's highly likely that we ate a woodlouse

Oh dear. That doesn't look very disabled accessible, does it? Better turn back.

Come back, Littlest Latte!

HA! Only joking! We're off-roaders now, dontcha know. With our Delichon Delta All-Terrain Disabled Buggy we can go anywhere we like. Nothing stands in our way! (Except kissing gates. And stiles.)

Let's say that again. Delichon Delta All-Terrain Disabled Buggy. Because when you're buying disability equipment, googling it only takes you to the company's website, where you can view a tiny picture of it. No 'Read all 84 customer reviews' for us.

We ordered this weeks ago, with no real idea what it would be like. That's a scary way to spend over a grand. But then on holiday we saw a woman pushing one, and we hunted her down. "It's a lifechanger," she said.

Certainly two days after buying it we were blackberrying for the very first time. If that's not worth a grand, I don't know what is.

We took home a plastic bag full of blackberries and a woodlouse. On getting home, the woodlouse was conspicuous by its absence.

Can woodlice just disintegrate?

You've got to hope they can.


  1. Woolouse, smudhouse. I would eat a hundred just to see that wonderful smile. How amazing to have that freedom as a family. Enjoy

  2. What a brilliant invention - I can only iamgine what a difference it's going to make to you all. And just think, after the exercise of pushing to find the blackaberries you can eat all the crumble you want!

  3. Yes - I don't think it matters what that pram cost - it is worth every penny to see that lovely smile!

  4. Worth every pence.

    V. cute photos and yummy-looking black berry pie.

    PS-I had to look up your woodlouse. For us it's a roly-poly...a much sweeter-sounding bug.

  5. I'd say that was pretty priceless! x

  6. How cool! I have been beaten to the blackberries in my favourite spots this year, sadly. I'm not sure that woodlouse jam would be the same.....

  7. Hurrah! I love Woodlouse Crumble. I note that YOU aren't pushing the Buggy of Amazement though. That looks like a Big Strong Man you've got there for the proper hard work...

  8. Oh, this is great. Definitely worth it. Yay!

  9. In a Buggy with as many Features as that the World is your Woodlouse. Happy Exploring!

  10. Hooray! Eldest latte looks pretty happy to be off road and Mr Coffee will have abs of steel in a matter of months.
    Just think of the woodlouse as a little extra shot of protein :-)

  11. Lovely! It's frustrating that adding the word disabled to the name of something immediately adds an extra zero to the price tag.

  12. I'm sure that the roly-poly provided some much-needed protein. Let's hope that Mr. Abs of Steel got that bit - he'll need it for the pushin'!

  13. Oh was so fantastic to come across this blog. I have just ordered a Delta buggy for my son, and waiting for it to arrive. I know it is a lot of money but I am almost in tears taking him out in his Maclaren Major now. I can't wait to receive it, and will be following your blog from now. Best wishes


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