Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Crafts for children - a talentless update

One of the ironies of my blogging life is the fact that most people who find me by accident do so by innocently googling 'crafts for children'. They then find themselves reading this post, where I blether on about how useless I am at doing crafts with children.

Poor souls.

So just to cheer them up, I thought I'd offer an update on my craft attempts.

(from left to right(well, roughly): haunted castle from the Charlie and Lola magazine, princesses from Klutz, various Christmas crafts, hearts garland from Kids Craft Weekly,sea monsters from Mr Maker, bits of Fimo, ladybirds and hearts card from Kids Craft Weekly)

Another wonderful discovery has been the Galt Silk Painting Kit. It's a challenge to find age-appropriate projects that an older child can complete beautifully if they have fine motor difficulties. With this kit, you make small dots of paint, which spread automatically and stop at the gutter. It's practically impossible to produce something which isn't very lovely.

And a further small tip for the truly talentless. I have found that even if you are completely useless, a cheat's way to be the kind of parent that you want to be is to pretend to be the kind of parent that you want to be. It fools a 4 year old. It fools an 8 year old. If you don't keep your wits about you, you may even fool yourself.


  1. Surely a blatant attempt at boosting Coffee Lady up the search rankings by increasing your "Crafts for Children" posts?

  2. Most people who find me by accident do so because they google "sprained ankle." One person from Sweden keeps coming back to that post. It's truly unsettling.

    Please stop all the crafting. You're making me look bad (she says as she returns to her chaise longue with a fresh box of bonbons...).

  3. I'm giggling at the thought of people stumbling upon your blog, hoping to find crafts. That's like someone coming to my blog, hoping to learn more about Germany.



  4. you have people who come to your blog! I can truly say that doesn't happen to me, maybe I need to do more pretending to be the kind of blogger etc.....

  5. I think your crafting is lovely - and I am particularly impressed with your castle (and trying to hide it from my children because I do NOT need another castle to dust ...)

  6. I too admire the castle. I admire and covet the castle, in fact. And the ghosts. The ghosts are ace.

  7. Yeah, I liked the ghosts, too! Very crafty. And I think I'll try out that pretending trick. I pretend I'm a grown-up all the time, and I think it's working!

  8. I regret to say that neither of my children are crafty. It is my fault. I was ignorant. If only I had known about the pretending bit.

  9. In my case, my daughter saw through my act very early on. It appears I'm not a only useless at craft, but I am also an extremely poor actress.


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