Friday 7 December 2007

Christmas shopping. Check.

It is done.

Let us breathe out. Being the anal person that I am, I have spent a week faffing around with a spreadsheet trying to even out presents for the Little Lattes to the extent that I was going to make a two-year-old who has never owned Lego open three Lego baseplates as one of her stocking fillers.

I have also taken the advice of a colleague who, about 10 years ago, told me to buy myself a case of champagne because the presents you received were undoubtedly going to be a bit, well, disappointing. It's a three-bottle case, because unlike my former colleague I'm not married to a marketing consultant, but still I am immensely looking forward to having bubbly in the cellar.

It's my first completely online Christmas, because I'm still not well enough to get out to the shops. It's lovely knowing that I'm expecting all kinds of parcels, even though barely any of them are for me.


  1. Oh don't even get me started on the number of gifts slash monetary value of gifts equity debacle.

    Ordering Champagne sounds like a very tempting solution. Thanks for stopping by my blog.

  2. Wait until the little Lattes open the bottle of Champagne for you - THEN you will feel old and frail. I know because it happened to me this weekend.


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