Saturday, 1 February 2014

Honestly. I really did have Christmas.

Greetings! from my lovely new laptop. In 2013, I decided I could easily replace my laptop with a Kindle Fire. No problem at ALL. I would be able to listen to BBC IPlayer and browse for recipes in the kitchen.

Here are some lessons learned in 2013:
  1. A Kindle is not a laptop. For a start, it has a touchscreen.
  2. I cannot type more than two words on a touchscreen. It is like trying to climb Snowdon in slingback sandals. (My mum actually saw a woman who had done this. Maybe she can type on a touchscreen. Some people can do anything.)
  3. Reading blogs on a Kindle is like going to a party wearing an Invisibility Cloak.
  4. Invisibility looks fun in Harry Potter. In truth, it is about as much fun as trying to climb Snowdon in slingback sandals.
  5. It is lovely to be able to listen to BBC IPlayer and browse for recipes in the kitchen.
So! A laptop. All shiny. Let's pretend the great Kindle Blogging Experiment of 2013 never happened, and carry on regardless. 

Christmas! I did that. I even organised a few hundred Santas to run around a city centre. (My job rocks.)

I drove for nearly three hours to go Christmas shopping.  Because distant towns with picturesque artillery batteries have the best Ebay bargains.

I could fill a whole blog with pictures of Christmas scenes (firesides, Nativities, sleighs on roofs, babies in wheelbarrows) created with Littlest Pet Shop figures. Let's go for just one, with the most atmospheric lighting.

I did Dry January again. Did you know that January has only 29 days? It's true.
Thirty days have September,
April, June, and November;
February has 28 alone,
All the rest have 31;
Except leap year, that's the time,
When February's days are 29.
And when the children are too surly
January ends a few days early.
Right. So we're caught up on Christmas, I think. We'll do the other stuff later. Happy New Year.


  1. Oh your days of the month rhyme is priceless!!! Well done for managing 29 days- I couldn't do it!
    Interestingly getting a kindle fire with my Christmas bonus has dramatically increased my blog reading and commenting! In fact I am sitting in bed in the dark reading right now! X

  2. And to you, dear CL, missed you! Love the rhyme. Also love my iPad but you need a computer/laptop too.......

    1. I'm alarmed by the number of screens that I suddenly seem to NEEEEEEED...

  3. Such a treat to read a post from you CL.
    I'm glad you recommend the Maggie O'Farrell book, I know I'm going to get some decent writing now.

  4. my dry January had two days...
    and I can't believe those concrete boxes held so much hidden history. and that we ignored them for the most part....
    happy renewed blogging, I want photos of the earth lady next.

  5. Happy for your new laptop. I've no use for Kindle. Well done on 29 dry days! You must feel fantastic. Looking forward to reading posts from your laptop.

    1. I did feel good - but I've undone it all now!!

  6. Oh my. That hat suits you. I am so glad that you are back to share it with us.

    1. Hat? Oh dear me no. I'm not on any of these photos.


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