Saturday, 24 November 2012

Quiet, please


Season of mists and mellow chest infections
Close bosom-friend of the offensive cough

In this post, we shall not be speaking of the following:
  • Child illness, necessitating taking several days off work in order to watch Heston Blumenthal re-runs, back to back. (Littlest is obsessed with the man.)
  • Inevitable adult illness, necessitating spending several days struggling to catch up with missed work whilst feeling like the living dead.
  • Big meetings, necessitating running around with tea urns and clipboards, and trying not to cough all over the cakes.
  • Spending a whole morning sewing something, only to iron it and realise that the right sides had not been together, as had been previously thought, and the whole thing needed unpicking.
  • My project to sew shorts, which will look nothing at all like I had planned. Whether or not this is a good thing remains to be seen, but early indications are not favourable.
  • My Liberty star quilt, which will officially Never End. I keep getting new fabrics. I keep adding new stars.
  • The fact that the bottom came off my mandolin.
Moving on, people. Moving on.


    1. Things can only get better (?) Let's hope so anyway.

    2. Sip hot water to relieve the cough; I hope you all recover pronto. Chin up!

    3. So we should just talk about the weather then? I hear it is rather wet in the UK at present.

      I do think you need a nice clear head to sew, I always make dumb mistakes if I don't give it my full concentration. Much like cooking, I was forever burning stuff when the children were little and interrupted me all the time.

    4. oh dear. I feel responsible for the fact the star quilt will never end......

    5. Uh oh, sounds like the kind of week it's best to just draw a line under! I am very amused by littlest's love of Heston Blumenthal though.

      Why would you not want to just keep on sewing more stars with so many lovely liberty fabrics to choose from? Do you have a finished size in mind? Nice to have something to hole up with for a quiet bit of stitching when you need a quick break from the festivities anyway.

      Get well soon, all of you.


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