Thursday, 22 March 2012

The power of the pan

Did I forget to blog? I did, didn't I? It's just there's been so much going on, what with buying another new pan, and picking up a second-hand cookbook in Oxfam, and doing the child's physiotherapy and having a man with a chainsaw come and lop lumps off the garden.

Hmm. Doesn't seem that much, when you think about it.

You know as a blogger when you wander round composing blog posts in your head? And then you forget to do it for a bit? That's been me.

Still. I can always rely on a good new pan to get me out of a funk.


  1. So, show us the pan then. Pshaw. Promises, promises.

    My washing machine broke down. It's all go here, oh yes.

  2. I read the line as "composting posts in your head"
    which is probably about right for my posts, rubbish that decomposes for a while.
    I should like something to get me out of my funk. I was thinking cake? I am clearly more calorie motivated than you.....

  3. And I was composing a response in my head about all of the blog posts in MY head...and then I saw Tess's comment and spit out my tea.

    (Glad to see you.)

  4. It's OK, you could have left it at the chainsaw. That would keep me away for days. The whining noise. Too familiar, too close to the whining indoors.

    1. The whining noise of the chainsaw was far preferable to the whining noise of me, complaining that the hedge was too high to cut.

  5. Succinct is good but we do need to see that pan...just to make our day complete you understand...

  6. Really?
    You drop hints re the pan and then nothing?

  7. Yeah, where is the miracle pan?
    In fact where ARE the miracle panS?

  8. Ooh, I bought a new pan too a few weeks ago (of the frying variety). My most exciting purchase so far this year!

  9. It has only taken you another three years to buy a pan! Oh is the cookbook any good? I hate Mr Ramsey!

  10. yeah, and you know how if you don't write the blogpost down as soon as you get out of the shower it is gone for ever? Me too.


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