Monday, 7 November 2011

Where we go out in the fresh air a lot (which is quite an event in itself)

Firstly, this would not be a proper British blog if there were no blurry photographs of fireworks. There are traditions to be upheld (even if I am a couple of days late. Look. I've had a busy weekend, okay?)

If you're still in a bonfire mood, I have TV and radio suggestions. (I am always in a Bonfire mood. Halloween can go and get lost, as far as I'm concerned. I am much more in favour of celebrating half-baked treason, which seems a particularly British thing to go for.)

The Lattes and I very much enjoyed watching Richard Hammond's Exploding the Legend (available in 10-minute instalments on Youtube, starting here), where the old Parliament buildings were recreated, filled with crash test dummies, and blown up in an experiment to see if the plot would actually have worked. The blowing-up bits were interspersed by a kind of docu-drama with lots of fascinating stuff about the plotters.

There's also this radio comedy, available till November 13, where Guy Fawkes eats deep-fried birds for bar snacks and is late to a plotting meeting after being presented with an irresistable opportunity to tip a vicar into a well. In recommending this programme, I must admit that I haven't heard the end, because I always listen to the iPlayer when I'm going to sleep. But it's got Archie from Balamory in it, which must count for something with you people.

And now to the seizing of the day. Eldest woke up on Sunday with a desire to revisit a forest she had been to on a school trip. Usually this kind of request would have been denied, if I'm honest, since Sunday was already full of plans for church and confirmation classes and a wish to sit under a duvet and watch a DVD.

Then we remembered that in less than two weeks, Eldest will have had her surgery. Who knows how long it will be before she can enjoy a forest? Who knows how long it will be before she can even leave the house?

On an ordinary weekend, would we have wasted a beautiful Autumn day? We would. Will we learn a lesson from this? Probably not.

Thanks to the Random Number Generator, the winner of my Kelloggs school breakfast giveaway is DeZeal - thanks to everyone who entered.


  1. Bonfire Night beats halloween into a cocked hat.

  2. great bonfire, and gorgeous forest. my two rejected a lovely walk cruching through the woods on Sunday morning, so we left them with nana and went on our own. such a treat....... x

  3. Well done. Don't worry about the lesson.

  4. Tipping a vicar into a well sounds fun.

  5. Wise decision judging from the gorgeous pics.

    (just came here after Alice and boy are you showing some fantastic UK scenery!)

  6. We wasted a glorious day yesterday ... and I don't even have blurry photographs of fireworks from the night before to compensate. Totally agree that Bonfire Night is the night to celebrate :D

  7. well don't you hate it when children are right and 'teach you' what's the right thing to do?

    It's against the order of things. But it does happen rather a lot.

    Glad you made it to the forest (and back out again)

  8. Well, at least you took photos of the display you saw. We didn't. We did scream at the exploding petrol cans though. We *think* they were deliberate, but can't be quite sure.

  9. Are those lawn chairs being burned in the top photo? And I've always wondered - is Guy Fawkes day pro Guy or pro gov?

    (Love your autumn blue sky pics, please tell the wind to blow that weather across the channel please!)

  10. I'm like you with the 'it's Sunday & we should be slobbing & snuggling' but also like you when you do get out & about it does feel good!

  11. Oh yes, Bonfire night wins. Always.
    What a great place, trees and a stream and the sun - makes good pictures too! My youngest and I did a circuit ('it's a wiggly O, actually, mummy') in the grey and the mist and stepped in dogmess. We did get to see a fox though.

  12. Well, I do have a certain fondness for Halloween -- in my youth it was all about being allowed to run wild in the cold dark one night a year. But I wouldn't say no to a bonfire. But like Julia, I have always wondered -- are you pro-Guy or anti-Guy? Anti, I would guess, and yet he seems kind of heroic, in a half-baked kind of way, as you say. It's mystifying.

  13. Also, sending luck for eldest --


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