Saturday, 8 October 2011

Win breakfast for a year for your child's school

So, the other week Kellogg's took me and a handful of other bloggers to a spa in Manchester and painted our nails. I'm not kidding - see?

The point of the day - besides making my nails look sparkly - was to talk about breakfast clubs. Government budget cuts have led to a squeeze on school breakfast clubs - with 50% of clubs considering closing because of money troubles. But with one in seven UK children skipping breakfast - and 25% of kids buying crisps, chocolate and burgers on the way to school - it's a worrying trend. Without food, children perform worse at school; breakfast-skippers are also more likely to be obese.

Every day, 325,000 children go until lunchtime without eating. That can't be good.

Since 1998, Kellogg's has helped set up 500 breakfast clubs in schools, investing £1.5million so far to help schools give children a healthy start to their day. And now a donation to the Kellogg's Breakfast Club Trust will be made for every packet of Cornflakes sold - with the aim of raising money for 1 million school breakfasts. Grants are available to schools wanting to set up clubs - there's more information about the scheme here.

Kellogg's has offered readers of this blog the chance to win a year's supply of breakfast cereal (that's about 100 boxes) for their school. Just leave me a comment saying you want to enter - the competition closes at midnight GMT on October 22. I'll choose the winner with the random number generator after then and announce it during the week beginning October 24 (so don't forget to check back!). Entrants must be in the UK.

So - enter away! And don't just enter yourself - tell all your friends at your child's school to come over too, and boost your school's chances!

I wasn't paid for this article - but I did get a rather yummy lunch and a manicure. 


  1. Will put my name in on behalf of Strathearn School, Belfast!!

  2. I'll be the joke.
    Entering from Positano Italy!
    What! We have Kellogg's here as well!

  3. yes please, for my daughters school in banbury

  4. Hi,

    I would love to enter for my daughters school in west wales :)

  5. I'd love to enter for my daughter's school in Bedfordshire

  6. I THINK eldest's school's breakfast club offers breakfast but not sure. Will check tomorrow.

  7. I'd love to enter please! This prize would make a real difference at my little boy's school in Salford.

  8. That would be very cool, to be able to be fairy godmother and magic cereals into school..

    I've got two schools to enter though. Hmm, well, they'll just have to be nice and share?

  9. I would like to enter as well!

  10. Would love to enter, there is a fab breakfast club at my kids school in Herts.

    Thanks, Mich x

  11. Definitely up for entering this. My 2nd-born's breakfast club is the only way I can take odd days' supply teaching work.

  12. I would like to enter for my son's school in Warwickshire...

    (feel a bit guilty about it as we are surrounded by farms...a lot of whom have signs up saying grown for Weetabix...and I don't think their kellogs)

    Pennie from warwikshire


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