Saturday, 29 October 2011

I'm taking bimbo back

"Everyone deserves some good old bimbo time," wrote Paola in my commentbox last week. She's right. And as the lucky recipient of a parcel of free make-up from Boots to review, I'm taking my bimbo time right now.

A few weeks before I had been sent this by email.

These are the A/W looks from the Boots 17 range. A/W, I'll have you know, stands for Autumn/ Winter, even though for bimbos like me it looks as if it might be something written on the back of an electrical appliance. At the time I thought that whatever the colours, 'Enraged and Fury' was a look I might be able to pull off, since I spend a good deal of my time being furious anyway without even owning the designated eyeshadow.

As it was, it was 'Broken hearted and Sulk' and 'Vengeance and Revenge' that arrived. I am here to tell you that these eyeshadows make me look neither vengeful nor emotionally tormented.

The green one, particularly, is fab. I wear green eyeshadow a lot - alarmingly this first took place when I was 18, but more recently a lady at the Clinique counter covered me in the stuff and I loved it; at least until they discontinued the one that she sold me. It was a lovely emerald, and came in a little compact with a glittery highlighter shade. I have lost count of the eyeshadows I have tried in order to replace it.

However. The search is over. The green eyeshadow trio above is perfect - two shades of green and a silver with a bit of sparkle. And it stays on, which considering the time I spend during the day with my face in my hands in despair is amazing. Very tired people do not wear make-up well, I have found; but this trio has the right balance of bold colour and sparkliness to prevent me looking like a woman who really needs to crawl into a hole and sleep for the winter. I love it.

The purpley trio is very good, too. Recently a make-up demonstrator woman in a shop gave me what she called the Classic Smoky Eye, which I'm sure I could have recreated with this if one of the three colours had been a little bit lighter. They look more contrasting in the packaging; but even the lightest colour is still quite dark, so I've had to work a bit harder at not looking like I've been punched in the face. But  now I've learned to avoid its pitfalls, I wouldn't be without it; it's really very subtle and flattering. And used sparingly it creates a plum-coloured effect - certainly not as frighteningly purple as the vengeful woman above would suggest.

Two matching nail varnishes were also sent. I often paint my nails during the Lattes' swimming lessons; it's a race against time that, so far, No7 nail varnishes have won hands down. The big test - getting Eldest in and out of the shower and back into her shoes and foot splints - has defeated many lesser nail varnishes, including the two in my parcel, even though they did claim to be Fast Finish. I loved the purple colour, though, which is just the right amount of shimmery for regular wear. I model it above; be aware that all my nails broke off last week when I was struggling to get into the wheelchair store, so only two nails are visible: the rest are ruined stumps.

The final item from Boots was 17 Blemish Balm. I have to admit I read the information several times and was still no wiser. Was it foundation? What was it for, exactly?

A quick google revealed that Blemish Balms are a combination of anti-blemish skincare, primer, foundation, concealer, moisturiser, and SPF. Well, why didn't you say that? It has SPF25, which is always something that attracts me to a product since I'm freckled and sun-ravaged even though I've spent most of my life in the shade.

The Blemish Balm has a bit of colour - though not the choice you'd get on the foundation counters. With it on, I don't really look like I'm wearing make-up, but neither do I look like the walking dead, which is a bit of a miracle. And though all the talk of 'wonder cream' and 'imperfections' dances around the issues, it is certainly very good over spots.

Without a doubt, Blemish Balm is the stuff I will definitely be putting in my bag for the two weeks Eldest and I will stay in hospital after her surgery. Two weeks on a ward. I will probably be tired, wan-looking and sporting the 'imperfections' which inevitably arrive with stress and fatigue. I'll likely be thankful for "magical 'no make-up make-up".

Also I'm taking whisky. You think I'm kidding.

I wasn't paid for this article, but products were were provided free for review by Boots.


  1. So, I'm reading...blahblahblah makeup, nail varnish, two weeks on the ward...(oh, yes, now I remember...two weeks...sigh...) wait, I've done that...WAIT, WHY DID I NEVER BRING WHISKEY...SHE'S A GENIUS.

  2. I am glad that you have had fun with the warpaint, and are ready to flutter your eyelashes at all those handsome young doctors. I love the idea of the smoky-eyed look but have got to the point that I have built-in dark shadows under my eyes, and really do not need to add to them. And I have a nasty habit of rubbing my eyes which means that the makeup slides down even further into the bags and rather than fetching I look haggard. Perhaps you could bring your box of tricks over and give me a personal makeover.
    PS The last email I had offering me freebies was something to do with concrete - I am waiting hopefully for something exciting like eyeshadow or cashmere cardigans.

    Pomona x

  3. Recently there's been a few people offered nice things to review, and then I read you've had make up. It's perhaps telling that the last thing I was sent to test was pasta sauce.

    I've often thought that a hip flask would be a decent idea in a few situations, but whiskey wouldn't be my content of choice.

  4. Well I read your reviews and started wot wish we had Boots make up available here. All that nice purple and sparkly greens, sounds great.

  5. The blemish balm sounds fab as does the whisky. And I know you're not kidding - it works wonders in counteracting the effects of dodgy folding beds, pancake flat pillows (if you're lucky) and broken sleep.


  6. I clearly need some makeup lessons, most of what you have said is foreign. except for blemishes, I understand that.
    whisky is a grand idea, it might make hospital coffee drinkable. x

  7. Claire - a hip flask? They are tiny. They are strictly for lightweights.

    CalmDownDear - I am so glad that you came over today with your vital experience. I had completely forgotten about the pillows, and have made a note to take my own. Genius.

  8. As for Bb I am reading blahblahblah makeup but in my case it's because I hardly ever wear any.

    But I am supporting the whisky 100%.


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