Friday, 20 May 2011

Okay. So I may have got everyone confused.

That last post? About Appliances Online and the present they might send to a lucky commenter? THE PRESENT WOULD NOT BE A YOGA DVD. I seem to have got people worried. But that was my choice of gift, for me alone. You are your own people, with your own wants and needs.

I am very sorry to have confused you all and suggested that the man who sells cookers wants to force you all to stand on one leg.

Also, according to Mr Coffee, no-one will have got the thing with the horse. So go back to the last post, ignore the thing with the horse, leave a comment on that post and you might get a present. I don't know what it will be. Like I say to the kids when I am having trouble articulating what's happening, "It'll be a surprise".


  1. bwah ha ha!!

    Made me laugh out loud!

    I thought it was all perfectly clear :-)

  2. you have trouble explaining things to your children, and yet you use words like articulate. you are indeed a contradiction! in the nicest possible way.

  3. I just point. Imperiously. And sometimes flare my nostrils.

  4. You have made me laugh today - I hope you meant to. People always say that on my blog and sometimes it makes me a bit nervous, as I haven't set out to be a comedian.

    Pomona x

    PS I will comment below as my daughter would like a horse, but I have to say we did have a bit of a to-do with Appliances Online once, so I don't have high hopes.

  5. I've just found you! Where have I been? I love the way you write and your valiant, upbeat attitude to life... I will return!


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