Monday, 2 May 2011

Losing the plot

Littlest: "Mummy, can girls have girlfriends?"

Me: "Yes, yes they can."

Littlest: "Can they get married?"

Me: "Yes. Girls can marry girls, and boys can marry boys, too."

Littlest: "If two boys get married, can they have babies?"

Me: "Well, they can adopt them."

Littlest: "What's that?"

Me:  "Well, if there's a child who hasn't got a family, then the two boys could take it to live with them as their child."

Eldest: "Like on Tracy Beaker."

Me: "Yes! Yes, like Tracy Beaker. There are children on Tracy Beaker who don't have a family, so a couple could come along and..."

Littlest: "Is it like if you have a horse and it's too poorly for you to look after it so you give it to someone else?"

Me: "A horse? No, no not really, it's when a baby or a child becomes part of someone's family forever."

Littlest: "But horses have family! What about if you're ill and you can't look after the horse and you give it to someone else?"

Me (more perplexed): "Well, yes, that can happen, but..."

Littlest: "What about if you had four horses?"

Me: "Um..."

Littlest: "And gangs of cats?"


  1. So was your next line "ask your father?"

  2. Ah, Littlest proving you hadn't really thought through the whole gay marriage and adoption issues thoroughly. Good to see she's keeping you on your toes.

  3. LOL, Stomper's onto something :-)And, no mention of donor sperm?

  4. She is just warming you up for the cross-cultural adoption debate.

  5. Just when you think you're having one of those meaningful conversations that might expose your child to some of your dearly held values....
    D'you ever get the feeling they have the upper hand?

  6. It is my daughter's dearest wish to live in a care home like Tracy Beaker. Sometimes it is mine too.

  7. She didn't ask about marrying horses? Or did that come later?

  8. Were you having the same conversation?

  9. Sounds like an episode of "Outnumbered"..

  10. ...and some goats? What if there were goats involved? Do cats even like goats?

  11. I like that it has to be "gangs" of cats.

    Thank you for the best morning wake-up treat ever.

  12. Grin... Like Ali said, just when you have that warm fuzzy feeling of having a Good Conversation.

  13. sounds like an episode of 'outnumbered'!!!

    (we have that sort of conversations all the time...)

  14. Yes, what if you had four horses?

  15. We just have gangs of Moshi Monsters here. Long may it last.

  16. Mmm....where did this end!?!

  17. Bahaha! That's what we get for engaging with little people-or spouses.

  18. Janette - I very rarely get a warm fuzzy feeling. Very, very rarely.

    I'm Crayon you're right. We shouldn't even try.

  19. What's with all the horses?

    What's a Moshi Monster?

    So many questions.

  20. questions - you've got to love them x

  21. When toddlers start asking questions we all know deep down that it will end with us staring at the ceiling looking for teh "right" answer which we'll NEVER find.
    Fond times.

  22. Can Moshi Monsters marry Club Penguin Penguins?

  23. My children were young in the eighties so we would have stopped at q2 with 'noooo.......don't be daft' from their sibling, and then skipped on to the animal bit.
    Its good to live in a more enlightened age but more complicated to explain don't you think?

  24. Kids!!

    Don't you love the way they have of asking what seems a very sensible question then turn it completely on it's head until you're so cunfused you will agree with anything.


    Nina x


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