Thursday, 6 January 2011

Those crazy Magi. Don't you just adore them?

Tell you what, this week, I wish I lived in Spain. Not that our own Epiphany celebrations haven't rocked, by the way.

Alice advised me that the done thing was to put a hard bean in a cake. But why stop at a bean when you already have a surplus of plastic babies?

Then we Fimoed some presents in the oven for the Magi to bring the infant Jesus. Accidentally, four were made. The Lattes decided that the additional gift would definitely contain chocolate.

Crowns were created from the Coffee House's seemingly endless supply of sequins (I don't even know where they come from). I offer these gifts of second-rate photographs to the Queen of Colour herself, Miss Silverpebble.

Then, with a heavy heart and large quantities of sherry, I took down the Christmas tree and packed the ornaments away. With them I placed the first Christmas present of 2011: new decorations, which I buy each year in the January sales.

See you on the other side, my shiny little men.


  1. our three kings got to baby Jesus just in time. A quick hello, here's your gift and then off they went into the box till next year.

    One of them had an unfortunate accident recently and lost his head. His headless appearance didn't frighten baby Jesus too much, but has sparked an investigation.

    Nobody has come forward (not that I expected it) and the enquiry might go on for some time.

  2. Normally I bake a special almondy king cake for epiphany, but this year we still have such a lot of Christmas chocolate still, and our waistbands are so tight that it seemed unwise. No one even noticed. Bah.

    Oh, and if you get the chance to watch Nativity (the film, not the TV spectacular) with the fab Martin Freeman, there are four kings in their primary school play so you're in good company.

  3. if my children were choosing all the gifts would have been chocolate. or lego....

    I bought Christmas decorations in the sale too, but they didn't go in the box, oh no, they went up, it is so dark and grey now almost all the snow is gone that I need more brightness. new sparkly lights to the rescue.

  4. so...

    Gold, Frankenstein, Mermaids and Chocolate...

    sounds like a plan.

  5. 11.15pm and I have been putting off taking down the decorations all day. I suppose I should really be getting on with it instead of reading blogs...sigh.

  6. Fimo! I must get some for the little duyvkens. They'll love it, make a mess with it, argue over it and produce some awful looking thing at the end of it that I will be forced to 'display'. It doesn't get better than that does it?

  7. Cake with babies in it, neon gifts, little wooden men. What a post.

    I don't know about colour but I'm deffo the queen of shortbread today.

  8. We put a cherry in a cake. Person who gets it is king.

    Or, we did. Now our children are away from home, alas, alack.

    The cherry - no danger of swallowing a hard thing, but sometimes it got cut in half when the cake was cut in which case there was a coalition situation.

  9. Here I am unlurking.
    I am very grateful to you for pointing out to me the fun you can have with epiphany. We don't celebrate it here in Australia (well it's on the church calendar), but it sure looks like fun.
    I like your fimo presents.

  10. We are in Spain on holidays and were at the truly brilliant Kings Festival Parade in Barcelona where my boys came home with stacks of sweets that were thrown into the crowd. I bought a Kings Cake and was fortunate to get the king (entitling me to wear the gold crown) and the bean (entitling me to pay for the thing). An awesome way to celebrate the Epiphany.


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