Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Here comes the science bit

Anyone who was brought up in Birstall knows a thing or two about oxygen. Or at least about its discovery.

Joseph Priestley, the man credited with discovering the stuff, stands over the market place, brow furrowed, forever sticking his bronze candle where the sun don't shine. (In his bronze jar, that is.)

Our children, not having been brought up there, didn't even know who he was. The thought of it! So, with apologies to Dottycookie, here's my one and only contribution to Kiddie Science.

You need a glass or glass jar, and a candle, and two children who have never heard of Joseph Priestley. The candle is lit. The glass goes over the candle: the flame quickly uses the oxygen inside and goes out. (The top of the glass also goes black. Sorry about that.)

Here's the best photo I could manage. Sorry about that, too.

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