Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Wow. Happiness is a strain, eh?

Sorry. I seem to have disappeared. Thing is, I have been concentrating so hard on being happy that there's been NO TIME for anything else. I have to sleep! and exercise! and declutter !

It's a lot of work.

But still, one discovery I have made is that if you make yourself get up earlier, like earlier enough to maybe go for a short cycle ride or actually have time to pack the lunches that you normally fling hurriedly into lunchbags during the time that you should be having your breakfast, you get less cross. Who knew that?

And, if one of your children is scared of thunderstorms/ too hot/ full of cold and keeps you awake two nights running, at 3am you can nudge the alarm on an hour and get up at 7am instead of 6am and call that a sleep-in!

I'll be back later with news of our Happiness Craft Offensive - a hysterical attempt to use up all the tissue paper and pipecleaners and little foam shapes that make up most of our possessions.

Chin up! No yawning!


  1. 6am is the norm here, Maxi had me up at 5 this morning. But I do see the need to do more the night before, back to the fly lady ways, I have been so shattered I have lapsed, even with Fly! I am in hospital next week for more tests, so hopefully the reason for this dreadful anemia and gfatigue can be found and I can find my energy again. Oh do give me some craft mojo

  2. You're my heroine.

    Now, if only I culd find my cup of tea under all the piles of cr*p round here ...

  3. Too busy decluttering, dealing with builders, and feeding and driving returned-to-nest family about to compose sane blog posts anymore. I can't even read coherently. I thought you said your friend had sewn herself *into* her coat.

  4. how much coffee drinking have you managed to fit in....? and is there time for lemon drizzle? I may start fretting about you if I think you are too happy for lemon drizzle.

    ps word verif = siriving, that near enough to surviving to be a sign x

  5. Good grief - that sounds like a happiness boot camp...!

  6. Your regime sounds rigorous to say the least. It makes sense though.

    6am is a lie in, never mind 7. Bloomin' children. Bloomin' thrushes and cuckoos.

    Thank God for tea.

    Still, sometimes I manage the odd bracelet whilst they're plastering the living room with glitter glue at dawn.

  7. You're frightening me. What's with all the happiness? Is it catching?

  8. Did you really say that you go for a cycle ride first thing in the morning or did I imagine it? I can't face going back through the list of Goodness to check.

  9. Do the lunches the night before, you madwoman!

  10. Oh, enough with the craft projects already.

    I can't relate to you any more.

  11. Sounds very happy -- wondering about progress with foam shapes. Please inform.

  12. I'm with Lynn. You're a stranger on your own blog.


  13. Are there two 6 o clocks in one day?


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