Saturday, 5 December 2009

If you know a good gospel choir, send them round

Joy has visited The Coffee House.

I was becoming jaded. I was bored of blogging, I was bored of life. I was bored to tears with our advent calendar. Out it came again, in all its huge, boring, wooden glory, along with the Christmas Ice-Hockey Playmobil which becomes more depleted year on year.

Today I wearily tested all the Christmas tree lights, expecting every single string of them to be dead.

But then a strange thing happened. Not only did all the lights work, but at the bottom of the bag we found something we have been looking for all year.

You may remember the terrifying saga of Marv's missing head, which was only recently reunited with his body. Lotta has remained a mystery for months. While her friends frolicked happily around the Coffee House, with a gleeful disregard for whether or not they were headless, poor Lotta has been shut up in a plastic bag since January.

It makes my current ennui pale into insignificance. I have a poorly foot, too much to do, and children who don't listen to a word I say, but at least I haven't been shoved in the loft for a year. And toys recover fast.

I hope I'll be welcomed back into the fold as quickly.


  1. make me laugh. When life is bad, you can always compare yourself to a toy and feel better!

  2. Yay for finding Lotta! My little ones love Charlie and Lola, they would love a set of them like that. So sorry that you are having a rough time, hope things start looking up soon.

  3. ofcourse! glad to see you back, I was missing you! x

  4. It's good to see you back! Sometimes I wonder whether shutting myself in the loft for a few months would be preferable to dealing with the madness in the rest of the house - but then I have moments of hearing my children humming as they play with Lego and realise it's actually quite pleasant down here. Mind you, if they mention Hole In the Wretched Wall again I shall scream.

  5. hi. glad to see you back blogging again. Poor Lotta!

  6. I've been standing here with an extra-strong espresso for you, just waiting. I knew you'd come 'round.


  7. Problem: It's a waste of a midlife crisis if you can't share the pain.
    Solution: Dr Blogger.

  8. I'm trying to work out whether the lady behind Lotta is having an ecstatic communion with the Divine or just stretching. Can you help?

    (Wish I had a loft to go hide in for a while...At least until Christmas is over.)

  9. I am so glad to see Lota has returned to the fold and all is now wellish in the coffee house.

  10. Sometimes I worry about Charlie, Lola and friends. Do they have astigmatism?

    Hurray for Lotta's release - and yours.

    WV: chana. Perhaps it is instruction to make a chickpea curry. I feel sometimes WVs are sayers of sooths.

  11. Who is this Joy then? Is she perhaps another friend of Lola's?

  12. That is the strangest Nativity I've ever seen. Which one is Jesus? The one next to the dog?

  13. I don't know any gospel singers but Lynn can hold a tune xxx

    hurray for the return of lotta - and you

  14. I'd watch out for Lotta paying you a midnight visit to pay you back for locking her in the box all year. Glad she's back!

  15. While I'm glad you're posting is...everyone else, it appears. I'm also a little resentful. Your long blog silence made mine seem...shorter? Less awkward? More socially acceptable? Cuter? Fluffier? Easier to hug?

    I want to write a post, too. I really do, but I'm afraid it will contain nothing but pre-nervous break-down well as lengthy, descriptive narratives of my now daily (and nightly) primal intestinal distress. Does anyone really need to know what my bowels sound like as they shriek? Any takers? No?

    Hahahaha. I'm falling apart! My elderly-lady daily routines have all been thrown-off! I have no privacy! I can't sleep! Where are my sensible shoes? And walker? I'm out of here!

    WOW. I like hijacking other people's comment boxes. This is fun.

    PS-That toy is scary. Put it back in the attic.

  16. Hurrah! Lotta is reunited with the rest of the gang!

  17. haven't seen your blog for a while - well you never replied to my comments so I deleted you !

    Not looking forward to Christmas - have decided I need to kidnap a primary aged skool kid & go to all the festivities with said kid to enjoy

    " Have a Holly jolly Christmas !" etc etc etc...

  18. thanks for your visit ! Glad you found Lotta !

    I won't delete you again x

  19. I feel most relieved to read of Lotta's release. Do you think she will be emotionally scarred and spend her days in therapy?

    I shall take a leaf from your book and when I feel overwhelmed I will look around and see how much better my lot is than that of the many disturbed toys around me. Hmmm that Barbie with the chemical disfigurement, I am definitely luckier than her. And there has been a My Little Pony hanging by its magnetic foot upside down from a radiator for the best part of a year. Yes, I am definitely luckier than that.


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