Friday, 4 September 2009

The Wise Teachings of the Littlest Latte - an occasional series

Lesson 1

The Littlest Latte teaches us about reusing and recycling

"Daddy, here's some tissue for your runny nose."

"Thank you, sweetheart. That's very kind."

"Yes. And I already catched a spider in it."



    Mind you, it could have been worse ...

  2. Spit take, for reals.*

    *Red wine, 5:31PM

  3. So now he has a wood louse in his tummy and a spider up his nose. What next???

  4. Spiders I'm ok with, as long as they're not still in the tissue. Slugs, now I wouldn't like that.

    I put you on my favourites a wee while ago and then I never remembered to look at your blog again till now. And you're wonderful! Silly me! I shall be a regular reader from now on.

    Just thought I'd say.

    (My verification word is "brinal" - quite good for a runny-nose post, no?)

  5. Do you remember There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Fly? Your recent posts put me in mind of this song.
    I don't know why...

  6. If the spider wasn't already dead, it soon would be I'm sure....

  7. Wait...was the spider still IN the tissue? Because that would be really disgusting.


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