Sunday, 23 August 2009

Now you see us

Now you don't.

We're back. Honestly, it's like we never went away. Unless you look into the kitchen, of course, where you'll find all the clothes we own stacked in bags waiting to go into the washing machine.

You know you're middle aged when you get back from a holiday and the first thing you think to blog about is how much laundry you have to do.

But it's been a hard week for feeling elderly. We kicked off the week with my half-brother's wedding (I have two half-brothers. Does that make a whole one?) where everyone was ten years younger than me. Also they were pink, and healthy, and outdoorsy, which I never was, and partied till the early hours, which I never did. So that was even worse.

And then there was the hobbling. You remember that bad knee? The one that was just beginning to feel normal again? What kind of sane woman would hire bikes and cycle further in one morning than she had in the last twenty years with a knee like that? Dragging along an eight-year-old, a picnic and a set of crutches in a sturdy little trailer?

No sane woman. No sane woman. Only the kind of idiot woman who wants a knee the size of a balloon all over again. Only the kind of idiot woman who likes limping, and wants to do it for weeks on end.

But just for those few hours, it was worth it. See how fast I was! Too fast to even photograph, that's how fast!

Anyway, it was a good week, and Nottinghamshire is a good place to go. Stressful (we have kids, remember?) but good. But who knows what will stand the test of time - will the Little Lattes remember eating fresh yellow plums, picked from the orchard where we were camping?

Or their weary and increasingly irate parents, hissing 'JUST GO TO SLEEP' (that's the abridged version) at them through a dark tent flap?

See this tree? That's the Major Oak, Sherwood Forest, that is.

I learned loads about Robin Hood. I must tell you all about it.

But not now. Now I need to hobble up and down the stairs with my piles of laundry.

So I'll leave you with our favourite in-car holiday song.


  1. Sounds fab :-) And you've had some nice weather haven't you? And I too blogged about laundry but refuse to acknowledge middle age. Get a Grip!

  2. I'm glad you're back, but sad your knee is misbehaving again.

    I'm not sure which is worse though - the way you dealt with your laundry on holiday or the way I did, which was to spend a good part of it using the washing machine at the cottage we rented. So why am I now having to do more? Ugh.

  3. When I saw the Major Oak in 1996, it was supported by these huge clunky timbers. It looks much better now!

  4. YOU WERE CAMPING IN SHERWOOD FOREST? Dammit, I am moving to England. You have all the good stuff there. We don't have ANYTHING here. Just some stupid mountains and canyons and whatnot. Oh, and cold beer.

  5. I'm not sure that Great Oak is very impressive. It needs its own zimmer frame. That isn't very COOL is it?

  6. I'm playing your (very good song), and i'm not joking ... the dog is dancing... x

  7. I'm lovin' Littlest's dotty dress, even though it appears she is walking on the former resting place of some rectangular spaceship.

    Take care of that knee, woman!

  8. Pretty bunting on your tent!

    Its good to have you back. I love the cycling picture - whoosh.

  9. Good grief - I had no idea that you were competing in the Tour de France. Deep respect. Now I understand why you have all these sporting injuries.

  10. Good lord, you are fast!

    Those bike trailers are super, aren't they?

  11. Hey! That's me back in the kitchen with every piece of clothing in bags. Actually, there all still in suitcases, since we flew. I just blogged about it! Huh. (And Sherwood forest? Really?)


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