Thursday, 16 July 2009

Taking care of my second home

Overheard in the Playmobil House today:
"Hooray! We've got the kitchen set up! Now all we need is beer!"
- the Littlest Latte

It has not been a great day for Flylady antics today in the Coffee House. There have been more important floors to sweep.

Because Littlest and I set upon one of the biggest tasks there is - sorting out the Playmobil house.

How I love Playmobil! When we originally bought the house for the Eldest Latte it was in the living room, and Mr Coffee and I used to play with it when she had gone to bed. The parties we had! Well, it did come with 12 bottles of wine. Also the car came with a crate of empties in the boot.

Our Playmobil house is this model, but when I went looking for a picture to show you, I found the Playmobil site itself and became consumed with desire. Because all the new stuff! My god! Look at the new living room! A footstool - we don't have one of those. A cactus! And look at the fishtank!

There's a bath in the bathroom! We just have a shower. I'd like you to take a look at the flexibility of the bathroom design for a second. That towel rail? It had never occurred to us that it was not a grab rail for the side of a disabled toilet. It clicks into the same space in a matter of seconds. If only we could have done this in our real bathroom.

And just look at all the other things! All the furniture is in new and bold colours. I am intrigued and amazed by the cunning new storage solutions. And there are other things, many other exciting and wonderful things that we don't have. We don't have a home office. Or a backyard, or a paddling pool set. Or a gardener with his own pair of secateurs. Or a cafe! Or a sunroom, or a laundry room, or a City Van.

We do have several Caucasian Families, however, since we got a new set with every different room we bought. Mr Coffee and I used to call it Polygamy Towers. At one point we had about six babies piled into the one cot. However babies are small, and easily lost, and we are now down to just one.

I am reliably informed that Playmobil babies fit comfortably into the mouths of Playmobil crocodiles, but unfortunately cannot be removed once placed there. We have no crocodiles, so must assume that the babies have been stolen away by giants.


  1. That family! The hairdos!

    (Littlest rocks, by the way...)

  2. And to think my two eschewed this in favour of Sylvanians and shoebox houses ...

    And Littlest is quite right, every good kitchen needs beer.

  3. Oh we LOVE Playmobil here and have obscene amounts of it. We have lots of camping stuff - car, trailer, campervan, bikes etc. and O likes to make music festivals with it all. These involve a hat stall manned by a snowman, and lots of people lounging about under trees with bottles of wine and pots of coffee by their sides.

  4. Oh, I'm sooooo glad I found this site - you make me smile ever single visit! Thank you.

  5. I wanted a little girl so I could do things like this! Polly Pocket always appealed to me. Mind you, I would never trade in my gorgeous boy but Bionicles and Lego are just not the same...

  6. How I love Playmobil (until I step on a teeny pointy bit of it in bare feet.

    We have much construction equipment if you ever want an extension built on your mansion. And Emergency Services, which are handy in case the construction goes pear shaped.


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