Tuesday, 21 July 2009


This week in my July Flylady marathon I am meant to be transforming my bedroom into a hotel retreat.

But I am injured. After spending the day hobbling around on a painful dodgy knee, and becoming an object both of sympathy and ridicule for my colleagues, I have taken to my bed.

From here I can see all the piles of stuff that I should be tidying away.

Maybe if I close my eyes?

Yes. That's a lot better.

(My mother forced me as a 17-year-old to go on a typing course.
If she hadn't, that last sentence could never have happened.)


  1. Keep them closed!

    You're making the slatterns of this world feel a bit rubbish with all your cleaning an' ting.

  2. Hotel retreat must equal room service. Your knee's earned it.

    Perhaps the chambermaid will do her thing while you're resting...

  3. Well, I've stayed in some pretty dodgy hotels in my time, but it's going to take more than a quick whizz round with a rubbish bag and a new candle or two to get my bedroom up to scratch ...

  4. Just rest your knee and keep your eyes closed...maybe the hotel will send someone to do the work for you. I'm still waiting for that in my house... Feel better! Silke
    P.S. I had to take that same typing course when I was 17 - also my mother's idea. Hmmmm....

  5. I am typing this with my eyes shut becuase I am crazy like that.

    Hmmm - not too a.

    My toom looks like a dogs breakfast.

    Toom eh??!!

  6. Thanks for the tip. I'll go right out and buy a polyester bedspread, uncomfortable pillows, unfortunate wall "art" and a huge TV. Oh, and maybe a little in-room fridge. That should be all I'd need to effect the bedroom-to-hotel room transformation. Although I could add carpet/upholstery of questionable cleanliness, an overzealous air conditioning unit and those hangers that stay permanently attached to the hanging rod.

    Get better fast. This never would have happened had you not taken up running. It is unnatural and just plain wrong...

  7. I just found your blog and first, I love it. Second, I am intrigued by you and your Flylady. I check out her website and was instantaneously both annoyed by her organization and compelled to clean out my closet. This happened all at the same time!!


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