Thursday, 11 June 2009

A Round Tuit

I am queen of Faff. If you want faffing done, call me. But be warned - I might not get around to your faffing, because I am too busy faffing for myself.

(Do blog posts themselves qualify as faffing, or are week-long gaps between blog posts evidence of an even higher form of faffing than that? Just a question.)

One of my recent Twitter conversations (Twitter is a fantastic tool for faffers) went like this:
  • LadyoftheCoffee (that's me): Faffing. I am SO DAMN GOOD at faffing. I should be given an award

  • marmaladekiss: at least you know what you're doing. Some people faff and call it work

  • LadyoftheCoffee I shall become a freelance Faff Consultant, going into people's offices and reorganising their time-wasting strategies

  • eurolush I have just looked faffing up in the urban dictionary . Well done. You are now officially wasting my time.*

  • LadyoftheCoffee I warned you. I'm a professional.
Faffing should never be confused with pottering. Pottering is a relaxing activity, which possibly involves rearranging bouquets of flowers and fluffing cushions. Faffing results in the alarming realisation that the time you had in which to do a job is done, and you have nothing remotely life-enhancing to show for it.

However having been offered a spell of freelance work on top of my part-time job means my home faffing habit must go out of the window. That is, if I wish to achieve anything at all, and not sit in a pile of mismatched laundry with dust and unread books gathering at my feet.

I recently read someone recommending The Procrastinator's Guide to Success to people with a faffing problem. I have visited the link many times and wondered whether or not to click 'buy', but never actually made the decision.

The fact that I am failing to get on with ordering a book that claims to help people get on with things is a pitiful state of affairs.

(*This is not a direct quote, but taken from memory, since Eurolush is no longer a Twitterer. Gah. Maybe that's the kind of focus I need...)


  1. Wait--Eurolush left Twitter? And what is faffing? I'm guessing pottering is what we 'mericuns call puttering...

  2. In our household, faffing is also known as "fiddle-a*sing about". Because we are just *that* classy.

  3. Gone, but not forgotten.

    Maybe to return again...rising like the Phoenix from Eurolush ashes.

    Although now that I think about would probably be more like rising from leftover pastry crumbs and scattered beer caps.

  4. I don't faff - I procrastinate. Faffing, I feel, indicates that something, however small and inconsequential is actually being done, whereas procrastinating infers the doing is still being thought about.

    [thinks some more]

  5. Maybe we should form Faffers Anonymous and all get together to discuss our faffing problem. I'll get in touch some time to organise it.............


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