Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Questions which may never be answered

(First of all, I'd like to thank everyone for their kind and wise comments on my last post. It truly was a wonderful thing, and did help me get things into perspective. Thank you. And you don't need to worry about me any more - I have been cheering myself up immensely, by spending time sitting alone in the dark, listening to Leonard Cohen and drinking wine. That can't fail to help, can it?)

Onto the questions.

1) Yesterday Mr Coffee spotted a car and caravan stopped on the hard shoulder of the motorway, facing in the opposite direction to the flow of traffic. How did that happen?

2) Why is this guy following me on Twitter? What can he expect to gain from updates on a middle-aged Englishwoman's ironing?

3) It is the half term holiday, and my attempts to make a shopping list or leave the house to go to the supermarket have been met with tantrums, demands to help with jigsaws, and catastrophic paint spillages. Will top quality hands-on parenting make up for the fact that none of us will eat anything this week?

4) I love my new smock dress, a bargain purchase from the Children's Society charity shop. So cool and flowing; no stomach muscle control required. But when people look at me, are they thinking about Hattie Jacques?


  1. No, thinking how good it looks on you actually.

  2. I too am thinking it looks great and I'm also thinking I'm a bit jealous because, due to my shape, tops and dresses cut like that don't work on me. That nice under-bust gather tends to sit half way down the bust instead. Not attractive. Enough to make me go and listen to Leonard Cohen......

  3. I suspect they're wishing they had one and could make it look as good as you do. I have the same 'problem as Loth does ...

  4. d,

    Now, I'm no expert on couture. However, I'm quite interested in words and, since I believe you may have altered the descriptive noun for your lovely dress from 'tunic' to 'smock', I'm intrigued to know why.


  5. The Twitter thing is a mystery to me, too. I get that they're selling something, but what do they gain from being the follower?

  6. Okay, this isn't a real comment. I've linked you for a continuing story. But only if you want to . . .

  7. Actually I think it's rather nice and not remotely Hattie.

  8. You look fab, but if it weirds you out too much, I'll take that garment off your hands...


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