Thursday, 12 March 2009


I love daffodils. So I was going to buy some. But then my mother turned up with some...

...and then one of the Safari Supperers from the last post brought some to say thank you... (if my university friend Ali is reading this, she may well recognise that vase)

...and then a parcel came! A parcel! So exciting! It was from dottycookie, who had very kindly offered to send me one of her little carrier bag tidies for my mother, who is addicted to carrier bags. She rustles.

But not just a carrier tidy - she also popped in two rings for the Little Lattes, and yet more yellow-and-green spring goodness in the form of a crochet brooch. Dottycookie is officially one of the nicest people in the world.

I have been amply provided for with daffodils - it seems time to share the joy. I'm off to buy a bunch or two to give to the next friends I meet - and I hope you enjoy your glimpse of mine.


  1. Oh, dear. Now I can never send you anything because it would pale, nay BLANCH in comparison to those exquisite dottycookie treats.

    Signed, The Talentless Wretch

    P.S. We have all of ONE daffodil blooming, with a gazillion waiting in the wings...

  2. I just bought myself a big bunch of daffodils this morning. The essence of spring.

  3. I love your new banner! :)

    Love the flowers too

  4. A few weeks ago I was meeting a friend for coffee in a local cafe, and on my way there I happened to stop by the plant stall on the market to buy myself a small bunch of daffs. They were only £1 a bunch so on impulse I bought an extra bunch for my friend too. The look on her face when I arrived at the cafe and presented her with the small wrapped parcel of flowers was absolutely priceless, and I don't know who ended up happier!
    Happy day to you, enjoy the floral goodness :o)xxxxxxxx

  5. Careful, my head may not fit through the door if you carry on. You do realise we can never meet, because I simply cannot live up to the image you have created ;-)

    I hope Lucy recognises her flowers! Gosh!

  6. flowers and friendship, what a lovely combination xx

  7. Would it be wrong to say I have daffodils coming up in my flower beds here in Texas right now? And if so, does it help to know that even though I planted more than 40 bulbs a few years ago, they refuse to bloom all at the same time? ONE daffodil will come up, bloom and die. Then ANOTHER daffodil will come up, bloom and die. Rinse, repeat. Very aggravating. Maybe I should just BUY SOME, eh?

  8. Love the daffodils and their cheery yellow color.

    Still waiting for mine to appear...they're just tiny green shoots in the ground right now.

    Hurry up, daffodils! I can't stand here all day!

    Sweet gift from dottycookie!

  9. We seem mostly to have mud this year where our daffodils would normally be. I really should do more gardening.

  10. I LOVE receiving stuff in the post. It is such a lovely feeling isn't it! Nice goodies to get too...


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