Thursday, 5 March 2009

A few important things

I started a new job this week. It's always a worry, starting a new job.

I have worked in offices with lovely real coffee, and staff who knew how to froth milk; I have worked in an office where a jar of Nescafe was guarded angrily by a woman with her hair in a bun who wrote warning notes on the milkbottles.

I have worked on a freelance contract which allowed me to sit around a fantastic cafe all day with my laptop, sipping hot chocolate out of a French bowl. I have worked on a freelance contract where my 'office' was a cupboard. (You think I am exaggerating, and imagine a file storing room or other roomier environment. Don't. It was a CUPBOARD.)

This one is going to be fine, I think. There is real coffee, and I sit under a window. It has frosted glass and no view, but it is a window. I am not in a basement. The people are friendly and welcoming.

Whatever the job is - these are the few important things that, for me, make going to the office okay.


  1. Good luck!! May the printer never jam, the photocopier never run out of paper and your in-tray be self emptying.

  2. have been wondering when you start. glad it's going ok and that the coffee is worth getting out of the house for......

  3. Happy to hear you're in a comfortable spot, near a frosted window, with no odd arrangements in cupboards.

    Best of luck in your new job.

    PS- I enjoyed the description of your former angry Nescafe hoarder.

  4. Good luck! But it has to be tea for me everytime or hot chocolate......or wine! But not at work obviously.

  5. Ooh, I'm tantalized! Can't wait to learn more. And next time you hear of an opening for a freelancer who sits around drinking bowls of chocolate in snappy caf├ęs? Keep me in mind.

  6. Ooo...a new exciting! Congratulations dear Coffee Lady.

    I work in a company which has a HUGE kitchen with two REAL coffee machines which hiss and froth and spit. It seems that every single person who works there knows how to use them, they are all barsitas, busy little baristas. I do not know what to do...I want a coffee...yearn for shyly....but have not yet had the courage to ask someone for help.

    I could really use your help.

    Every time I go into that kitchen I think of you!

  7. Vending machine coffee in plastic cups.

    This is the nastiness to which some of us are subjected to on a daily basis.

    It's little more than abuse, frankly.

    Thankfully, it seems you've been spared such indignities.

  8. I'm pretty sure I know your Nescafe lady. At one time she worked in a public school cafeteria in Milwaukee, and whenever a student said, "no gravy, please," she'd sloowwwwwwlllly pour an enormous ladelful of gravy over everything.

  9. Good luck! Now that you've got the coffee situation sorted out, what are the people like?


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