Monday, 2 March 2009

Calendar for March

My calendar image for March is used with permission from Grace at Uncommon Grace. I am constantly in awe of how calm and centred this woman is, and how her children will seem to sit still for at least a damn minute in order to appreciate the projects she plans.

Maybe this is not a coincidence. Hmm. Maybe there is a lesson to be learned here. Wonder what it is.

(Oh, and I know knitting is hardly seasonal and has very little to do with March. But look, there are lambs on the linked post, what more do you want?)


  1. knitting has a lot to do with march, it may be sunny but there's still a chill wind, I found out today when I foolishly left my coat hehind because it was sunny...........

  2. I love Uncommon Grace, too. And that learning-to-knit post was one of my favorite gentle, life-affirming, evocative blog offerings of 2008.

    Speaking of gentle and life-affirming, I understand that Eurolush has threatened you with a smackdown. Good luck with that...

    (Word verif: eureal. As in, Eurolush isn't foolin'...)

  3. Hum, the only time my kids sit still is when the cursed box is on.

    Not sure I'll showing off my parenting skills any time soon ;-)

  4. Very cute photo for March. I plan to go check out Uncommon Grace when I'm done here.

    PS-Can't get over seeing a girl my daughter's age with knitting needles in hand. Mine can barely tie her own shoes. Seriously.

    What in the world is Lynn talking about? A threatened smackdown? NEVER. If anything, there is the threat of a simple ARM WRESTLE. Nothing more, nothing less.

  5. Oh, I haven't managed to come check this until just now! (I guess having a newborn does give me an excuse, though!)

    Thank you, thank you for the kind things you said about me. You are so sweet! xoxox


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