Friday, 13 February 2009

Thumbs up. Very high up, in fact.

I would like to present to you the train-wreckery that is the Littlest Latte's new mitten, taken from Aneeta Patel's Knitty Gritty beginners' knitting book.

(This is just one mitten for demonstration purposes. Obviously there are two. I am not DIM or anything. Also, I know it looks like something dead I found in the sea)

As you can see, the mitten is a little well provided for in the thumb department. And this is after I modified the pattern, after knitting the specified 6cm (which would have provided well for even my thumb) and then looking at it, thinking "really?" and unravelling it again.

The mitten was knitted after a whole winter of the Littlest Latte refusing to wear mittens, and running around with tiny raw hands barking: "I like cold!" Littlest got to choose the wool. It was meant to convince her that mittens were a good thing.

"It's a bit long," she said this morning, wiggling the thumb bit suspiciously. There is A LOT of thumb bit to wiggle suspiciously.

"I'll wear it when you have made the flowers, mummy," she said, and skipped off to pre-school with her cold little hands, happy in the knowledge that her mother would be fruitlessly knitting woollen flowers this morning FOR A PAIR OF MITTENS THAT NO-ONE IN THEIR RIGHT MINDS WOULD WEAR.

Thanks for letting me get that off my chest.


  1. I guessed without even reading that this would be the pattern from Nitty Gritty ... mine ended up looking like that, too (actually, mine looked worse than that, which is going some)!

    The pattern is a bit weird, I think (please don't send any proper knitters to tell me that's just denial, or I will cry).

  2. Very funny indeed, but I do admire you for attempting mittens. I once knitted a hat for my friend's looked like a flying saucer. The pom-pom was the only giveaway.

  3. I commend you for trying! I would likely have decided to go for a new style of thunbless mit!

    and of course flowers are everything, make them so huge, that out of proportion thumbs seem small in comparison

    nice to know you're not the only one struggling with that pattern, perhaps a letter to the editor?

  4. Hmmmm, there's a pattern on my 'give it a miss' list then!

  5. Blimey - you're brave. I shall be doing fingerless/thunbless gloves. Eventually.

  6. Those mittens have CHARACTER.

    I hope you save them.

    (Perhaps there's a child somewhere in England--with extra long thumbs--who's looking for a pair of mittens just like those.)

    I think they're brilliant.

  7. Hilarious.
    I think it's a lovely mitten. Sort of Dr. Seuss-like.

  8. It is not the wearing of the mitten that matters but the fact that it was made with LOVE. And you never know - she may decide to have nail extensions.


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