Wednesday, 21 January 2009

It's GREAT!! But will it be funny?

Thanks to The Daily Show, I know more about American politics than I do about anything that happens in Britain. I admit that when I hear the words 'Prime Minister', I still look around the television screen for evidence of Tony Blair.

But it's a worrying time for satire when something good happens. And the new President of the United States could be a real problem for someone like me, who is mainly into global news for kicks and giggles.

But last night Mr Coffee and I sat on the sofa and howled at this.

So it might just be okay.


  1. ...and in so doing, humiliate Homer, and expose Shakespeare as an untalented hack.

    Loved it.

    What do the English think of Obama?

  2. Hi Coffee Lady,
    I just saw your widget of my show on your blog and read the blog you posted last year! THANK YOU for your support. I do hope you are still enjoying the guided relaxations. I am now in my second year of recording weekly shows. Please let me know if you would like something specific and I will dedicate a show to you!
    Best wishes and again I appreciate your support.

  3. "Simian grunts." HA! Maybe I should watch TV occasionally after all. Oh, and if key world leaders cease to be funny, you've always got movie starts to fall back on... (P.S. The relaxation lady commented on your blog! You're, like, famous now!!!)

  4. Good god(dess) in heaven, did I really type "movie starts" instead of "movie stars"???? And to think I actually used to edit things for a living...

  5. roaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaar

    helllo mate

  6. That's where I prefer to get my American politics information. Otherwise I glaze over.

    Thanks for popping over and saying Hi!

  7. Coffee Lady, you light up my life!


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