Monday, 22 December 2008

Out with the old, and in with the new

Next year it will be ten years since Mr Coffee and I were married.

Ten years since our lives were changed.

No, they were not changed by marriage. They were changed by a gift - a stovetop espresso maker.

These have been happy years. Putting the coffee on, frothing the milk... and in later years, carrying the coffee cup around trying to find a safe place to put it to avoid tiny hands (this activity can go on until well after the coffee has gone cold).

This year we decided to celebrate with an early Christmas present to ourselves.

I present to you - the dishwasher-friendly new centre of The Coffee House. (See how it shines!!)

Because affection and tradition are all very well, but scrubbing a coffee pot out with a steelwool several times in a weekend just won't do.

Apologies to all of you who came here today expecting something interesting. But let's face it, you knew where you were coming. You should have known there would be some coffee geekery around the corner. It was only a matter of time.


  1. Ah, but this IS interesting. I just bought a wacky device (Christmas present for my husband) that's part French press, part plastic spacecraft (I think it's called an Aeropress) -- it promises to deliver the best-tasting coffee ever ("with 80 percent less acid!"). The trick will be properly assembling all of its myriad little parts... (Happy anniversary in advance!)

  2. Oh, memories of student houses from the first picture! We bought ourselves a Gaggia espresso machine in the sales 10 years ago. I would be lost without it. Your new shiny one is far prettier though!

  3. the rituals that coffee (and tea) make in our lives can the best parts of a relationship. hope your new oh so shiny pot makes tasty coffee!

  4. crikers. I've come to your blog only recently and am stilled in my tracks by the thought of you steel-wooling your stovepot. If you have spare time, could you pop over and show me what to do with mine? (our dishwasher is disappointing).

  5. Great little gadget! Been using one of those ever since my student years and I can swear it still makes the best coffee in the world. And definitely a better alternative to all those instant variations sold in supermarketss


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