Wednesday, 24 December 2008

Blood, sweat and tears

Let me give you a run down of my Christmas activities to date.

Step 1: Sip coffee. Sip Lemsip. Snivel a bit. Fight round shops with Little Lattes. Attempt to steer shopping trolley, wheelchair and handy wheeled Hoppa trolley around 500 people loitering by the sprouts.

Step 2: Return home. Sip coffee. Sip Lemsip. Begin marathon baking session which ends abruptly with the discovery that the bottle of vanilla essence purchased was actually a bottle of yellow food colouring. Sob a little.

Repeat Step 1.

Step 3: Sip coffee. Sip Lemsip. Bake mince pies, biscuits and brownies with Little Lattes.

Step 4: Clean kitchen. Enthusiastically wipe down kitchen work-surfaces, jamming ring finger on right hand into kitchen knife left safely out of children's reach.

Step 5: Go to Casualty to be stitched up by nice Doctor. Wonder how it will be possible to make a skirt for niece with massive bandage on throbbing finger.

Look, it's fine. The chocolate brownies have been made, and that's all that matters, right? And Mr Coffee needed to practice his gift-wrapping skills.

I think I'll stay in bed today. It's nice and warm here, and there are no sharp objects, and I have stocked up on Lemsip. It's all good.


  1. Argh, take care of yourself there! If it's any consolation I'd have done more than just sob ;-)

    Hope tomorrow goes brilliantly and you all have a very Happy Christmas.

  2. Have a fab Christmas Capp - hope the Lemsip does what it says on the tin.

  3. oh poor you, feel better soon, and take care, and I hope you have a really lovely Christmas. xx

  4. Poor you - let's hope Christmas Magic is the best medicine.

  5. Dear Twin Sister
    (sadly separated at birth)
    Happy Christmas - I raise my mug of Lemsip to you. Let me tell you that the bit when you are quaffing Lemsip is better than the bit where your nose becomes like the Niagara Falls which is where I am. However, everyone is being very kind to me - they are sitting quietly watching the television so that I can get on with the cooking in peace.
    Take care Mrs Coffee Lady - enjoy the sparkles and the smiles of the Little Lattes and don't worry about everything else - it will all work out somehow.

  6. Crikey!

    I hope the rest of your Holiday Season is peaceful.

    And remember, when you do feel better, there's a skim cap at a beachside cafe here with your name on it.

    All my love to you and yours,

    Eleanor xxxx

  7. Ow, ow, ow, ow, ow, ow, ow. Did you drip any blood into the brownie batter? And this Lemsip -- does it taste any good? My husband and secondborn are dripping too (nasally, that is), but I think it might be that they're allergic to the Christmas tree. Oops.

    Perhaps it's time to swtich over from coffee to alcohol with your Lemsip. And start gorging on the baked goods. Take care...

  8. Between you and Alice C., it sounds as though the Lemsip supply in England is precariously dwindling.

    So sorry to hear you're ill. Hope you're both feeling better very soon.

    (PS- Hope the finger heals quickly, too...)


  9. Ouch :-(

    Hope it heals soon and that you had a good Christmas.


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