Wednesday, 22 October 2008

Bill Granger, I fear for my skirt and it is all your fault

Oh, Bill. Bill, Bill, Bill, Bill, Bill.

When the Eldest Latte was 2, I bought a skirt in the sale. It was gorgeous - red velvet, a full-length skirt, and despite her shaking her head and saying "No, mummy" as I stood in the changing room, I decided what did a two year old know about velvet, and bought it.

For six years, said full-length skirt has sat around waiting for me to get the sort of life that it deserved.

It never happened.

This week I took it to the alterations shop and asked them to turn it into a knee-length velvet skirt. It will give it a new lease of life. My skirt and I will never be seen apart.

But six years ago, I couldn't bake at all. And if anything is threatening my reunion with this lovely item of clothing, it is Bill Granger's chocolate and banana loaf.

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  1. Always take your daughters' advice in changing rooms.

    My daughter sees me approaching the clothes rails and says in a stage whisper 'Step Away From The Frumpy Clothes!'

    You will not need to worry about being frumpy in red velvet - you can be a scarlet woman.


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