Monday, 4 August 2008

Don't put your daughter on the stage, Coffee Lady

The Eldest Latte is - Flower Girl No 3.

I would like to point out right now that I am not That Sort of Mother. I am not the sort of mother who sews costumes and sends her daughter off to learn to sing and dance and become A Star. But the Eldest Latte wanted to go to the drama playscheme so, you know, you find yourself in a predicament, and you have to get the machine set up and sew yourself the hell out of it.

"It's a bit raggedy," said Flower Girl No 3.

"You're a cockney market trader. You're poor. It's meant to be like that."

The show at the end of the week was a bizarre mix of a scene from Pymalion and a James Bond spoof featuring slightly older children whom you could actually hear, with a bit in the middle where two women dressed as cleaners talked about how much they fancied Pierce Brosnan.

The Eldest Latte was perplexed that she could not stick around to watch the James Bond spoof. "You can't stay on stage when other people are doing their bit," explained the proud grandmother. "You can if it's Brecht," muttered Mr Coffee, clearly appalled at how far out of his comfort zone he was. (Mr Coffee used to be an actor, and there were certainly no jazz hands in any of the productions he worked in.)

It was an exhausting week for the Eldest Latte, who clearly has a few things to learn about stagecraft. Such as not staying up grinning her face off all night ("I'm so happy I can't sleep") so she doesn't spend the whole performance with her gob open yawning; or not mouthing "my hat's fallen off" at her parents in the audience.

But I'm sure even Pierce had to learn that at some point.

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  1. Hi, I followed through to you from Writing and Living who linked to the video from Open Eye on my blog.

    The EYFS (i.e. new curriculum for hte under 5s) will be implemented in September 2008 in England. So luckily (IMHO) your children haven't been subject to it, but children in any form of daycare or going into playgroup/preschool/nursery will be as of September.

    There's been quite a bit in the papers about it and as someone who works in Early Years (part-time) it will be mandatory for me to adhere to it.

    Elements of it are of course good, no-one sensible will complain about the requirements for safety and a healthy environment for children. The quality of care offered to children should always be excellent, so of course these elements of the EYFS are (for the most part) supported. The concern lies (for some professionals) in the literacy, numeracy and IT parts of the EYFS.

    Anyway, off to continue reading your blog :)


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